Sunset Silhouette

pb022116 056

I am not a professional. This is just a hobby, but I’m always looking for that perfect shot. On this day, I was taking pics at sunset, and was just about ready to pack my gear when this crowd began to gather at the railing. I took a couple of looks through the viewfinder, but the people were sort of staggered and the bright sun washed out the frame — you know, that purple streak you see when the shot is over-exposed?

But, then, the group moved in close, diffusing the sunlight and setting up this absolutely perfect silhouette. I only had a moment to capture the image before the “pose” was lost.

I might take a hundred photos to get one worth keeping, and it reminds me that to take the best shot you only need a little skill, and a lot of opportunity.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200

Image: f/6.4, ISO-100, 35mm focal length 157, exposure 1/250sec.


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