Bubble Man


Bubble man is always a big hit with the kids (and dogs) who like to chase giant bubbles; and photogs looking for that unique shot.

The prevailing wind generally blows opposite my camera position, but there was a wind gust that blew this huge bubble off-course … and towards me. I hadn’t set-up yet so wasn’t sure I could capture the shot before the bubble burst.

Hastily, I pointed the camera — didn’t have time to frame it — and clicked the shutter just before the bubble engulfed me. It left a soapy mist on the lens so I figured the shot got away, but there it was in preview mode. It wasn’t until I got home and viewed it on my computer that I realized what I had captured.

Now, this was immediately visible to me — maybe you can see it, too — but in the foreground the bubble appears to take the shape of a lion. The body can be seen from the mid- to lower-left quadrant while the head is clearly detailed towards the right.

Notice the ears, eyes, nose, mouth and jowl of a lioness.



Some might say I have an over-active imagination — and they could be right — but, still, this is a cool pic.

Camera: Sony DSC W-800, f/3.2, ISO-200, focal length 5mm, exposure 1/250 sec.

  1. David, we can see the lioness too. :0)




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