Breaking Surf





The most significant trade-off between a bridge (superzoom) camera and DSLR is the size of the sensor. A larger sensor can hold more pixels resulting in clearer, more detailed photographs. You can see in these photos that clarity and detail are sacrificed for the benefit of having a longer zoom.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking Surf

  1. Great photos David. I loved my FZ1000 for the superzoom. I’ve just upgraded to the Panasonic mirrorless G85. I miss the superzoom. My zoom F stop range is 4-5.6 – I want something that’s at least 2.8-4 (which the FZ1000 has), but I’m not sure I’m willing to carry the weight. It’s always a trade off isn’t it?


    1. After I dropped the FZ200, I bought the Canon T7i. Lugging around a camera bag full of lenses can be bulky, inconvenient and uncomfortable. So when I take my Canon on a walk, I leave the bag and take only two lenses — one for close and one for zoom. This works on most occasions except for swapping the lens. Sometimes the subject — like a bird — doesn’t stick around long enough for you to change the glass. However, I found that with the FZ200, a usable zoom shot required a tripod which can be just as inconvenient as a camera bag. As for the aperture many people have said that f/4 is the sweet spot.

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