This Old House

f/4, 1/640 sec, ISO 160

This old house is one of the originals in my neighborhood. The carriage house, in the rear, has been converted into apartments, but the Victorian remains unchanged. In fact, it’s in need of a major renovation.

The home is still owned and occupied by the same family, but they have let the once majestic structure fall into disrepair. I asked if they might sell and was told that the family wants to keep possession of the property which is valued at three million dollars.

It is sad that this old house has been allowed to deteriorate into a neighborhood eyesore.

Panasonic DMC-FZ200
Vello Wired Remote
Manfrotto Tripod

Copyright © 2017 In Pics and Words

  1. It’s amazing how different the images appears from black and white to colour. I initially thought it was a drawing

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    1. You can get really creative with editing software.

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  2. I love this house, the precise moment of day and angle of light. Theres a striking difference to the emotion that each photo illicits. Fabulous!



    1. Shadowing gives the picture a unique feel and really sets the mood.



      1. Yes! Youve created it beautifully!



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