Cindy Knoke JD Award

Cindy Knoke says that she lives in the outer limits of no-wheres-ville in a place called The Holler. It might be known in some parts as the boondocks, backwoods, wilderness or hinterland. Visit her About page to discover more about the place she calls home.

Cindy’s blog is not exclusively devoted to birds, but her avian photos are among the finest I have seen. Linked are three of her posts because, frankly, it was impossible choose just one.

Magic on Wings
Colorful Creatures
Birds of the Far South (pt. 1)

Cindy does not solicit awards — Award Free Blog — but that is the beauty of the JD Award. You don’t have to respond, answer 20 questions, or nominate ten other blogs. Who has time for that? You’d rather be out taking pictures. The Jaw Drop Award is simply a stress-free way to recognize our fellow artists for their passion and skill. I’d love to add your name to the Jaw Drop gallery.

Keep on snapping!

Copyright © In Pics and Words

  1. Oh my gosh! My jaw just dropped by your kindness! Such an honor to be recognized by a talented colleague like you. Thank you so much. You touched my heart.



  2. Cindy, very well deserved!




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