Is Your Blog Photo Friendly?

This article actually evolved from a conversation with H.J. Ruiz over at Avian 101. I’ve been blogging since 2007. I knew something about cameras, but computers still confound me even today. In 2012, I migrated from Blogger to WordPress. It took six months to publish my first post on WP. Blogger was an intuitive, user-friendly platform, but it was lacking in design. WP was visually appealing, but technically more difficult.

An image posted on Blogger could be enlarged by simply clicking on the photo. This feature was automatically enabled. I didn’t have to adjust the settings or insert code. In the two photos below please note that you can click to enlarge the top photo, but not the bottom.

Linked to media files

Set to default

Consider that you visit a photo blog and the images are posted as thumbnails. You can’t really appreciate the detail of the pictures because they are so small. There is a setting in WP that enables the click to enlarge function, and some bloggers may include a friendly suggestion to click on the photo for a more detailed view.

To blogging veterans this is elementary stuff, but WP gives you the option of linking your photos to the media file or a customized URL. I didn’t understand any of this in 2012, and always left it in the default setting — None. I have since gone back and linked all of my photos to the media file which allows visitors to expand the image by simply clicking on the photo. The images cannot be clicked in the default setting as demonstrated above.

There are two things to consider: aesthetics and copyright. I have friends who post their photos and art work as thumbnails because they are concerned about copyright violations. Sometimes they’ll post a low resolution, small frame image of an item that is for sale, but never will they display a full frame HD image out of concern that someone will steal their work. In those situations it makes sense to not link your photos to an external file.

For a hobbyist like me, I find that a simple copyright statement or watermark is sufficient to protect my portfolio. Be advised that copy and paste is protected under Fair Use. That is, if the user gives you proper credit and does not profit from your images there is no violation.

With regards to aesthetics, I see a number of photo blogs that do not properly display what are, otherwise, very nice photographs. The design is confusing, or distracting; and the sidebar takes your eyes off the pictures. I want to be immersed in the photograph. Some WP templates showcase your images by inserting widgets in the footer section. A visitor who is sincerely interested in your blog will not mind scrolling down the page to learn more.

There are photographers with expensive gear who capture awesome images, but you really can’t appreciate their work because they’ll post a 1600 x 2500 full frame photograph  in a 190 x 300 format not linked to the media file. This could be a copyright concern … or maybe, like me, they know more about cameras than computers.

In any case, sharing our best images is the goal of all who are passionate about cameras and photography. Keep on snapping … and posting!

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  1. H.J. for avian101 May 11, 2018 at 10:23 pm

    It was good that you wrote this post about the enlarging of the images for better viewing. Now, with your instructions, people will be more aware about enabling the “enlarge” link. Thank you very much! 🙂



    1. It frustrated me for some time. I could click images on some blogs, but not all — and I certainly couldn’t figure out how to enable the function on my blog. For awhile, I thought that only certain blogs were optimized to display photos. The template design is really personal preference, but I don’t like being distracted by sidebars. I prefer the photo front and center.

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