If These Bricks Could Speak

There’s nothing that symbolizes small town Americana more than the iconic brick buildings that housed the Rexall drug stores. In its heyday (1920-1977), there were as many as 12,000 stores located across the United States. Today, only a few franchise stores remain in operation, but the brick structures are a reminder of days gone by when excited kids could sit down at the counter of an old-fashioned soda fountain to enjoy an ice cream sundae or chocolate malt.

The Rexall building in my community is now a sushi restaurant. It is named after the pharmacist (Dunaway) who opened the Rexall franchise in 1927. The city commissioned artist Kathleen King to paint a mural of the building, seen above, as it appeared in 1943. Photos that follow — some filtered — depict the building as it stands today including images of the mural painted in 1988.

Mural Images

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