Meet the Legendary Slomo

Slomo is the alter ego of San Diego neurologist Dr. John Kitchin. Having retired from medicine in 1998, Kitchin has spent the last 20 years rollerblading up and down the world-famous boardwalk in Mission and Pacific Beach.

Combining Zen yoga with skating, Slomo can be seen blading down the boardwalk in what can best be described as meditation on wheels. Watch the video to learn more about this intriguing character who has become a legend in the San Diego beach scene.

The street art above was painted on an electrical box in P.B. The drawings below were painted on the sides of the same electrical box.

Copyright © In Pics and Words


4 thoughts on “Meet the Legendary Slomo

    1. People who see him for the first time will typically say, “Oh, look at that homeless guy on skates.” They are speechless when they learn that Slomo was a neurosurgeon who quit his practice, sold his home and all of his possessions to live in an apartment at the beach. He quit the rat race and found happiness in a pair of roller blades.



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