Another Big Fail

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Four hours at the nest this morning, but due to technical difficulties most of the data was lost including all of the video.

In a recent post, Calling All Photographers, I shared with you my lingering frustration from last weekend’s big fail when I was only able to salvage one minute of video.

Today, there were issues with the camera, computer and SD card. What are you going to do, but just shrug your shoulders, take a deep breath and try again tomorrow?

The photos posted in this series are approximately 100mm focal length from my location to the nest. However, the equivalent 35mm length is 1200mm which means I would need a DSLR lens that could reach that far. The Canon 800mm f/5.6L IS USM Super Telephoto Lens is priced at more than US$13,000 and doesn’t have the reach of my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 bridge camera that I purchased for US$250. Of course, the Canon would produce crisper images, but they wouldn’t be as close as you see here. It’s a trade-off, to be sure, but I hope you are enjoying this series called Project Osprey.

Notes from the nest

The Ospreys were loud and active this morning. Dad brought home a bounty of fish from the nearby creek though he lost a few to some rather aggressive gulls and falcons.

Before the family could eat, the parents took defensive positions and began vocalizing an alarming squeal to warn away intruders.

As Mom prepared the feast, Dad flew off to gather nesting material.

The nest is located near a creek that flows into the bay and wetlands. The area provides an abundance of food and twigs though the Osprey have to compete with a variety of species including the Golden Eagle.

Nest atop light standard overlooks creek
Dad does a flyover
70-inch wingspan slightly smaller than bald eagle (80-inches)

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2 thoughts on “Another Big Fail

  1. I think anyone who takes nature and wildlife picture hate those moments of equipment failure or having the wrong lens with you. It is not like taking a picture of a static object.


    1. … and that’s why I bought the bridge superzoom so I wouldn’t have to carry a bag full of lenses. It works very well for everyday photos, but it’s a gamble for distance, or wildlife.



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