Canon Rebel at Osprey Nest

Dad soars over bay in search of fish

Wow! If you have been following this series called Project Osprey then you have a point of reference with regards to the IQ (image quality) of my bridge camera. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 is decent up to its mid-range, and when mounted on a tripod. Optical zoom is good enough for both photos and video, but hand-held and digital zoom fail to produce any usable content. Really, what is the point of having a 600mm reach when the images captured are blurry and fuzzy?

In this second chapter of Project Osprey, I have located a second nest across the bay from my original location which was isolated and inaccessible. I can literally stand beneath this nest so my gear is no longer a limitation.

The nest sits atop a light standard between a tennis court and baseball field. I have been told that the parents live here year-round. Fishing is very good as the peninsula is surrounded by the abundant waters of Mission Bay.

What I find interesting is that the area is a very active recreational center and the light standard is shorter than at the other nest, but the birds don’t seem to mind. The light pole is high enough, and there is plenty of food.

In 20-minutes, I saw the adults catch six fish. They would land on a nearby light standard, take a few bites and save the remainder for the fledglings. I couldn’t tell for sure how many youngsters were in the nest, but I saw at least two.

All of these images were captured hand-held at 250mm — something I could never do with the FZ200.

Mom (L) and Dad go fishing
Leftovers for the kids
Leftovers, again?
Wait, is that a frog?
Mid-morning snack
Big fish for a big bird
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