Mallard Mania

Scratching an itch

Bird ID: Female Mallard “dabbling duck” although I humbly defer to H.J. Ruiz of Avian 101 for precise identification. Juvenile males and females look like their mother. To further confuse the matter, non-breeding males look like females. So your guess is as good as mine. Notice the distinct blue patch in the wing.

They are called “dabbling ducks” because they dip their beak into the water to feed. However, this particular lovely appeared to be admiring its reflection.

“Wait, who is that?”
“Hello, how are you?”
“Maybe if I dabble …”
“Nope, still there …”
“Another dab will do ya …”
“I got dibs on this dab …”
“Yep, I’m such a pretty bird!”
“Check out this profile, camera guy.”

Copyright © In Pics and Words

18 thoughts on “Mallard Mania

    1. Nia, I finally found your blog. There’s no link on your Gravatar page, or WordPress notifications. I had to Google “niasunset on WordPress” to find you, but there was nowhere to leave a comment.

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      1. I have sent an invitation maybe you missed it. I am going to send again. My photography blog is private. I would be happy to see you in my photographical world. Thank you, Love, nia


      2. I can’t send an invitation dear David, because your e-mail doesn’t seen… but if you make a request for my blog, you will be a follower. Sorry for this,
        this is my main blog when you click this you will see, the request. Thank you again, Love, nia


    1. Andy, this location is through the subway (underpass) that we talked about yesterday. It’s actually a link in the regional bike path, but is also used cautiously by pedestrians. The path runs along a scenic creek bed that is visited by many different kinds of birds. I always try to capture their reflection because it adds so much depth to the photo.


    1. She was in the right place at the right time. I was in the area to check on the Osprey — no sightings in two days at either nest — and I heard her bathing in the creek. She stood on the rock to dry out which gave me this great opportunity.

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