Hair Raising Event

This Little Blue Heron was minding its own business when something happened that caused a frightful response.

As we see in these next two photos, our little heron was peacefully hanging out along the creek bed looking for a tasty morsel to eat.

Then something caught the attention of our little blue. You can see the feathers start to rise upon its forehead. I was busily snapping pictures and only caught a blur swiftly approaching from my left.

While I did not see what captured the attention of our bird, the camera was able to snap a clue. The lens was wide enough to see the wing tip of a Snowy Egret which had swooped in and stopped just short of the heron causing it to have quite a frightful reaction.

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The Snowy Egret seemed a bit territorial and ruffled its feathers as well, but after a brief stand-off it appeared to calm down.

Like two ships passing in the night, the heron yielded to the egret and moved cautiously towards the bank.

The egret watched closely as the heron made a peaceful retreat. Sometimes, the better part of valor …

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16 thoughts on “Hair Raising Event

    1. This creek is frequented by Great Blue Herons and I have never seen a Snowy Egret challenge one of them. The Little Blue must have been thinking, “Pick on somebody your own size.”



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