Reader’s Choice 2020

Project Osprey was a featured series in 2020

Last time, I featured the Top Post of 2020. Today, we shall round out the Top Ten based on the number of likes each post received. In Pics and Words is not specifically categorized as a birding blog, but that certainly was the focus of the year ending.

#2. Blue Bird of Happiness

This was actually a video post. My YouTube channel was a bit thin this year as all of the events that I normally film were canceled due to the pandemic. However, I spent most of the time out in nature socially distancing with a whole host of avian friends, and was able to produce a few videos that were well received. The related photos were #11 on Reader’s Choice, and can be viewed here.

#3. Hair Raising Event

See what happens when a Little Blue Heron crosses paths with a territorial Snowy Egret.

#4. The Great Blue Shuffle

A Great Blue Heron has an unconventional way of catching fish.

#5. Calling All Photographers

This post was deleted to free storage space.

#6. Art of Macro

One of two floral posts that made the Top Ten … which was surprising to me because floral photography is not my specialty.

#7. Rippling Water

Snowy Egret stirs things up.

#8. Art of Macro 2

The first post was popular and so was the sequel.

#9. The Boy, the Bike and the Bird

See how an adventurous kid set up a long-awaited photograph.

#10. Splish, Splash, I Was Taking a Bath

Flock of Mallards enjoy bath time at Rose Creek.

In Pics and Words was seen by readers in 55 countries this year. I am so appreciative of you all. It has been a difficult year, but photography has been a wonderful way to stay connected while being distanced.

The pandemic is at a crisis level where I live. Hospitals have zero capacity to care for any more patients. There are no ICU (intensive care) beds available in the county.

Ambulances are being turned away from emergency rooms. It is a dire situation. I’m still able to go for a daily bike ride, but food and supplies are being delivered as grocery stores have limited capacity.

I do have a Project Osprey update to share with you later. There was an incident at the second Osprey nest that was very harrowing.

Hunker down, stay safe … there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel if we can remain vigilant and hopeful.

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