Season of the Osprey

Followers of this blog are familiar with my series Project Osprey, but I wanted to share with you a video that is totally awesome.

“Season of the Osprey” aired this week on public television. PBS is streaming the video for free — but only through November 24. The footage is simply spectacular. Nature lovers and bird lovers will definitely want to watch this amazing episode of the acclaimed “Nature” series.

Run time: 53:13

Nature | Season of the Osprey | Season 40 | Episode 2 | PBS


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2 thoughts on “Season of the Osprey

    1. People were strolling along the beach unaware that an osprey nest was nearby. The male was soaring over the bay looking for fish. Suddenly, you could hear the roar of “oohs” and “aahs” — “That bird! It caught a fish!”. As noted in the video, no other raptor can match the fishing skills of an osprey. Eagles will skim the water, but an osprey actually dives into the water — totally submerged. Its nasal passage is designed to block the rush of water so the osprey does not drown. Their outer toe is reversible so that they can get a solid grasp of the fish and, as seen in the video, their talons are formidable weapons that even eagles respect.



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