UFO Repair Shop in the California Desert

Coyote operates the UFO Repair Center

His name is Coyote — he explains why in the video — and he is the proprietor of Coyote’s Flying Saucer Retrievals & Repairs, located at In-Ko-Pah’s Boulder Park near Jacumba, California.

The UFO Extraterrestrial Visitor Center is just a stones throw from the Desert View Tower which we visited last time. The site is basically a junk yard of flying saucers. Some have been modified as land rovers that visitors can actually drive around the property.

Years ago, Coyote asked a friend if he could temporarily store his collection on the undeveloped land. The UFO Center was a big hit as visitors to the tower would trickle over to examine the eccentric curiosities.

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Coyote even provides a comfortable, outdoor “Alien Lounge” (seen above) where otherworldly guests can relax and stretch their limbs after a long, intergalactic flight. The lounge also serves as an under-the-stars theater where Coyote screens movies such as E.T. and Aliens on the huge boulders that dot the landscape.

“It’s very cramped in a flying saucer so I like to provide a rest stop for visitors from outer space,” said Coyote. “Terrestrial guests also like hanging out after a long drive across the desert. When you think about it, the desert is almost as vast as the galaxy which is probably why aliens like to come here.”


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