500 Subs on YouTube!

My YouTube channel had a very modest following. The most popular upload was of my hometown — El Centro, California. Half the population (25,000) watched that video.

However, in the last four months over a quarter of a million people from around the world have checked in to watch my memorial to country artist Joey Feek.

It is overwhelming to say the least.

Today, YouTube notified me that my channel had reached a milestone — 500 subscribers … most of whom signed up in just the past month. That’s over 3x’s the number of followers on WordPress.

YouTube’s algorithm is hard to figure out. Well, not really. The difficult part is trying to determine what people want to watch. Millions of fans still follow Joey and Rory Feek, so YouTube simply promoted my video on thousands of watch lists. One subscriber told me:

“I don’t know how you got on my YouTube feed, but I love Joey Feek.”

The dilemma now is to figure out where to devote my creative energy — WordPress or YouTube. Content is king, and it’s what keeps people interested. I would love to collaborate with content creators in my area, and have been searching for someone who could be the face of my YouTube channel.

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