Growing Up Sixties

I received a personal request to produce a video for a 60th High School reunion. The video chronicles the music, people and events that made the news from 1959-1963.

It tells the story of a generation of Americans who came of age during a decade of transition.

For more video content please visit my YouTube channel.

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6 thoughts on “Growing Up Sixties

  1. What a great video you made! Although I wasn’t quite a teenager yet in the time span you made a portrait of and not living in the US, I do know all the news facts and names and music you mentioned. Being in the Netherlands tv shows came a bit later on our screens, but I vividly remember the Flintstones and Dick van Dyke (of Dutch decent of course 🙂 ) However, one thing makes me jealous of you guys. When we were hitting the street in our Volkswagen Beetles and Fiat five hundreds, you were lushly floating in your Cadillacs and Chevy Impala’s.



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