Modern Day Pterodactyl

Doesn’t this image give you a sense of … reflection? I mean, it looks like something prehistoric.

Actually, the title — Modern Day Pterodactyl — is not quite right. The Pterodactyl had no descendants. In fact, it wasn’t even a bird (or dinosaur) but a flying reptile. The only thing it left behind were fossils.

It was the first vertebrate to develop flight but it had no feathers. Its wings were simply membrane over bone.

The Snowy Egret, seen above, descended from very small dinosaurs. Some pterosaurs were as large as a Cessna. You wouldn’t want to look up and see one of these things flying overhead!

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3 thoughts on “Modern Day Pterodactyl

  1. Fun post David. Egrets and herons do look sort of prehistoric. But, I’m betting on the wild turkey. We have so many of them in our community that I’ve developed a theory that they will soon become the next dinosaurs.

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