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Catch a Wave (AFV)

Catch a Wave … another autistic friendly video (AFV), but enjoyed by anyone seeking to unwind and relax. Surfers and beach lovers will also enjoy this vid. Watch here, or on my blog.

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SloMo Surf (AFV)

There is a demand on YouTube for autistic friendly videos (AFV). Hypersensitive kids are disturbed by loud noise, bright lights and frenzied motion. Videos that are quiet, and slow things down, are better suited for sensitive children. A blurred video of fireworks — with muted sound and gentle music — is a good example of an autistic friendly video. The video I produced is well-suited for sensitive kids, or anyone seeking to relax and unwind. Watch here, or on my blog.

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John Denver — In Memory

In Pics and Words remembers John Denver on the anniversary of his untimely death. Video first posted on our YouTube channel.

October 12, 1997 … the headline read:


Denver loved to fly, and was actively involved in NASA’s “Citizen in Space” program.

In 1985, Denver passed NASA’s rigorous physical exam and was in line for a space flight, a finalist for the first citizen’s trip on the Space Shuttle in 1986, but he was not chosen. After the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster with teacher Christa McAuliffe aboard, Denver dedicated his song “Flying for Me” to all astronauts, and he continued to support NASA. [Wikipedia]

I was a fan of John Denver, and still enjoy listening to his music. I wrote a poem that was published as a memorial to his life.

Golden Boy

His songs are like the whisper
of a gentle breeze
and the laughter of a playful child.

Music that speaks to our inner soul
and warms our heart
like the sunshine from above.

“Sweet surrender,” said he,
“If life is worth living,
I don’t need to see the end.”

The “golden boy” has died.

From mountain high
to country road …

The laughing child cried.

Lumix Video Test

The Panasonic Lumix is limited to 30 minutes of continuous video which is not an issue for most.

Both of my still cameras have video capability, and they tend to get distracted by motion. In the video, notice how the camera goes out of focus at the 2:32 mark. The lens, in auto-mode, wants to focus on the nearest object. So if there is movement — like someone walking through the camera’s field of view (FOV) — there will be motion blur.

The internal mic does muffle the wind, but the camera body has a mount for an external mic. Be advised that pop-up flash will not work if external mic is attached.

If you like taking photos and video then a bridge camera, or DSLR provides that option without packing extra gear.