Have You Received Your Covid Shot?

Female Osprey eating Catch of the Day

Have you gotten the vaccine? Were there side effects? Many people report more discomfort after the second shot. Are you unsure about getting the shot? Your personal experience will help me to decide.

Thank you Andy Finnegan for checking up on me. That was very kind. I’ve been living in lockdown since the last post awaiting my turn to get vaccinated. I only go out for food and exercise. When the vaccines rolled out, I was number 2,279,953 in line to get a shot.

It’s sort of humbling to see that I was so low on the list, but I’ve been busy posting articles on the other blog where I write about the stock market. Also, I’ve slowly been developing my Flickr page which has lots more storage and is seen by more photographers.

The Osprey have been gorging on fish as it is currently nesting season. The female will lay one or two eggs in April or May. She will incubate them for about a month before they hatch. The fledglings will be cared for until they can fish on their own in late summer or early autumn. Chicks might appear any day now, or as late as June. The female is still catching her own fish, but during incubation the male will bring her food.

Last month, on an evening walk, I was able to film the Sea World fireworks. The park ended fireworks displays two years ago due to environmental concerns, but decided to celebrate its reopening with a spectacular show.

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