One of the photos is distinctly different than the other two. Can you tell which one? Leave your answer in the comments below!

This blog has reached capacity. Content has been deleted to free up space for occasional photos. At this time, I choose not to pay for additional storage, or start another blog.

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5 thoughts on “Stackables

  1. Correct! One extra stone.

    What I don’t understand is that WordPress will allow you to have as many blogs as you want in one account. Each one has a 3GB storage limit so what is the difference if I have two blogs with 6GB of storage, or just one blog with all of my photos archived together?

    Plus, you have to migrate your readers to the new blog — WP will do that for you — but it’s not without glitches especially for readers who are email subscribers.

    Then, what happens to your original blog? It sort of becomes dormant and appears to new readers that you’ve stopped posting. Who wants to follow a dormant blog?

    I think the storage limit is designed to encourage you to upgrade to a paid plan. It’s all about $$$.

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  2. I believe there is a way of posting pictures as an embed straight from your Flikr, ie not store it in the gallery here. In the old days this might have saved more than now as they’ve changed the free tier of storage from the old 1Tb to 1000 photos… Don’t know how the prices compare for a ‘Pro’ Flikr account though.

    Oh, and ‘I was here’ 😉


    1. Hi, Bear! Thanks for stopping by. I do have an account at Google Photos, but when I try to embed those pictures they only appear as a hyperlink back to Google. I used to store my photos at Picasa (or Photobucket), but if those sites had technical difficulties — as they often did — the photos would temporarily vanish and I would have to repost them. When I blogged on Google’s Blogger this was a recurring issue.

      Remote storage is a solution, or WordPress suggested that my files are too large; but I have no interest in reducing the quality and detail of the photos. I’ve heard from several bloggers who are not happy with the changes at Flickr, but I will check out the link.

      I just don’t want to pay for storage considering that WP, Flickr and Photobucket collect advertising revenue off their “free” accounts.

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      1. That’s the choice though, ads or Pro subs. Just looking at Flikr Pro, it’s £3.99 a month (probably same in dollars the way the pound is at the moment) unlimited storage, no compression to the shots. Pretty good value for the price of a coffee per month. In fact, I probably just persuaded myself into it at least!

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